G. Abadal (UAB) visited TU-Delft

Gabriel Abadal Berini (right), responsible of the UAB group, visited Warner Venstra (left) at Kavli Institute of Nanoscience TU-Delft (Dept. Quantum Nanoscience, group of Molecular Electronics and Devices) from 28 Oct. to 1 Nov. 2013.
Gabriel Abadal discussed with Warner Venstra and other members of the research group of Prof. Herre van der Zant about common activity in NEMS, measurement setups, modelization of non-linear effects, fabrication of suspended devices based on 2D materials and possible applications on energy harvesting. They dedicated some time to explore future collaborations in the framework of EU Horizon 2020 that could take advantage of their complementary background, expertise and interests.
On 1st November Gabriel Abadal gave a talk entitled "Energy harvesting from ambient mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic radiations based on MOEMS and NOEMS" (abstract).