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The ZEROPOWER textbook ICT-Energy, Concepts towards Zero-Power Information and Communication Technology, where the main scientific concepts relevant to ICT-Energy issues and more specifically to “Towards Zero-Power ICT” concepts (from fundamentals to materials, devices and systems) are listed and discussed at a tutorial level, is now available on-line with open access (published by InTech).



The ZEROPOWER Consortium prepared:

- the final version (Jan 2014) of the Strategic Research Agenda for “ICT-Energy” roadmapping, which includes strategic objectives, identification of research drivers and measures for assessment (download);

- a general benchmarking system to be used to compare the efficiencies of different vibration energy harvester systems (download).

Download the ZEROPOWER flyer .



NANOENERGY Letters is a newsletter created in order to help the circulation of news and thoughts about micro and nano energies.
But... what are micro and nano energies? With these terms we intend to address the many different tiny energies present in micro and nanoscale physical systems. The role of micro-energies, indeed is more and more frequently evoked in fields as diverse as nano-electronics, computer science...