Nonlinear Kinetic Energy Harvesting

TitleNonlinear Kinetic Energy Harvesting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCottone F, Mincigrucci R, Neri I, Orfei F, Travasso F, Vocca H, Gammaitoni L
JournalProcedia Computer Science
Pagination190 - 191

Harvesting of kinetic energy present in the form of random vibrations is an interesting option due to the almost universal presence of this kind of motion. Traditional generators based on piezoelectric effect are built with linear oscillators made by a piezoelectric beam and a mass used to tune the resonance frequency on the predominant frequency of the vibrations spectrum. However, in most cases the ambient random vibrations have their energy distributed over a wide spectrum of frequencies, being rich especially at low frequency. Furthermore frequency tuning is not always possible due to geometrical/dynamical constraints. In this work we present a different method based on the exploitation of the nonlinear dynamical features of bistable oscillator. The experimental results and the digital simulations show that nonlinear harvester (e.g. bistable oscillators) can overcome some of the most severe limitations of generators based on linear dynamics.